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1 A Standardized Integrated Methodology for Design of Manufactured Components Finish Prof.. Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari Detail
2 Layered manufacturing of Gamma-TiAl parts for high temperature applications in aerospace engines Finish Dr. Ashfaq Mohammad Detail
3 Overall Performance Optimization of Deadlock Control in Flexible Manufacturing Systems Finish Dr. Abdul-Aziz El-Tamimi Detail
4 Development of A Direct Digital Manufacturing Methodology For Customized Mandible Implants Finish Dr Emad Abouel Nasr Detail
5 Development and Evaluation of Virtual Manufacturing Assembly Simulation System (VMASS) Ongoing Dr. Ali ahmad Detail
6 Development of Comprehensive Analysis Network for Multitasking Assessment of Performance (CAN-MAP) Ongoing Dr. Ali ahmad Detail
7 Intelligent Workshop in Sheet Metal Die Design and Manufacturing Ongoing Dr. Hussein Mohamed Detail
8 Development & Evaluation of a System of Integrated Agents and Numerical Optimization for Flexible Manufacturing Systems (Design – FMS) Accepted Dr. Jaber Qudeiri Detail
9  Modelling and Optimization while Machining of Particle Reinforced Alumina Based Metal Matrix Composites Accepted Dr. Usama Umer Detail
10 Aluminum to Titanium joining by spark plasma sintering technology Accepted Dr. Ashfaq Mohammad Detail
11  Joining of nitinol shape memory alloy to alpha-beta Titanium alloy usingLinear Friction Welding for advanced aerospace applications Accepted Dr. Ashfaq Mohammad Detail
12 Development of tool wear and surface integrity models for hard turning with self-propelled rotary cutting tools Accepted Dr. Usama Umer  
13 Control-Theory-Based Approach to Scheduling Optimization of Large Oil Refinery Accepted Prof.. Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari