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Composed and Translated Book

No Achievement Title Author Publisher Achievement Type  
1 Chapter 3, Machinability of Titanium and its Alloys, The book title, Machinability of Advanced Materials. Ali HOSSEINI, Hossam A. KISHAWY and Hussein M. HUSSEIN Willey Book chapter  
2 Chapter 4, Selection of Parameters for CAD-VR Data Translation, Book Title:Methods in Product Design: New Strategies in Reengineering El-Tamimi A.M., Nasr E.S., & Abidi M.H. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Book chapter  
3 Automated feature extraction from cylindrical parts based on STEP, Book Tiutle: Green Design, Materials and Manufacturing Processes H.M.A. Hussein, E.S. Abouel Nasr and A. A. Khan CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Book Title  
4 Computer Aided Design of a 2-Stage Gear Reducer: Using Total Design Methodology Abidi M.H., El-Tamimi A.M., & Al-Ahmari A.M. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG Academic Thesis Book ISBN-10: 1138000469 | ISBN-13: 978-1138000469